• Lula Lu Bras

    Lula Lu Bras

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    Lula Lu Bras More than 50% of the women have assumed that news pertaining to the people wearing wrong bra-size is fraudulent or have been published by the high-profile inner-wear brands to enhance sales rate and attract women’s to the new product lines. However, this piece of... Read More

  • Lula Lu Petite Lingerie

    Lula Lu Petite Lingerie

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    Lula Lu Petite Lingerie HEALTH ISSUES: It has been confirmed from the medical world that wearing an unusual bra size could drive you to numerous issues including a severe neck pain along with the headache. This is by far the most frightening aspect from one’s perspective... Read More

  • Lula Lu Petite Bra

    Lula Lu Petite Bra

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    Lula Lu Petite Bra – Specialize in small bra sizes LATEST RESEARCH: According to a recent study, more than 70% of women fail to occupy the correct bra size. In the nutshell, it means that out of 10 women only 2 or 3 have been able to attain a suitable inner-wear. It has... Read More

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Business Debt Consolidation Solutions

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Business debt consolidation is a great way to manage excessive debt. Using business debt consolidation is a common way for businesses to get their finances back on track by paying off debts with multiple creditors. A business consolidation loan allows businesses to obtain one loan to pay off other business debts. This means that rather than making multiple monthly payments to different creditors, businesses can make one monthly re payment.

 The major benefit of business credit consolidation is that, it helps businesses lower their overall interest rate by offering one fixed rate to pay off debts with other creditors. These are few points that a customer needs to focus on for using business debt consolidation as a debt consolidation solution:

 To ascertain if consolidating business debt is right

  • To learn more about the types of business debt consolidation available.
  • To evaluate the features of business debt consolidation

  Firstly the customer has to assess the need for a business debt consolidation. Excessive business debt can be incurred due to business expansions, unexpected expenses and poor management. Generally, when the business expenses exceed the revenues incurred, then one needs to start exploring business debt reduction, such as a business debt consolidation solution.

  There are unsecured and secured business credit consolidation solutions available to help businesses manage their debt. An unsecured business debt consolidation does not require collateral, while, a secured corporate debt consolidation requires some type of valuable property as collateral in the event you default.

 Businesses often confuse a business debt consolidation with commercial debt counseling. Commercial debt counseling is a service in which a debt counselor helps businesses settle debt with creditors and provides advice on how businesses can manage their finances better. Commercial debt counseling is a service. In most cases, the counselor will negotiate a lower credit balance or interest rate with creditors.

 Business debt consolidation solution is designed to help the customer get back on right financial track, but it is totally up to the business to shield the company from getting in another situation where the expenses exceed the revenue incurred. It is always better to seek professional advice on debt consolidation solution involving business debt consolidation solutions.

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Debt Consolidation Vs Bankruptcy

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When a person has reached a saturation point where he or she simply cannot pay the bills any more and are completely into a deep debt trap, then there are only two ways that has to be considered, either the debts have to be consolidated or one has to declare bankruptcy.

Consolidating debts would seem to be a better route to take, although both approaches have their own advantages and disadvantages. And bankruptcy does not mean the end of a person’s life.

A debt consolidation solution entails the customers to a debt consolidation service which will arrange for lower payments to the creditors. The interest rate and monthly payments will both be significantly lower and the calls and mails from the creditors will be completely stopped. Apart from the lower payments, there are several other advantages. There needs to be only one single payment that the customer has to cater to, instead of several different checks for payments to credit cards, store cards and other creditors.

Most debt consolidation companies take care of all the paperwork and mediate between the customers and the creditors – so that the customers need not deal with the creditors. Debt consolidation has several other advantages. It is generally discreet and confidential and ensures that the customers cancel all their credit cards and assure the consolidation company that they would not opt for any more credit cards; however, they may be allowed to keep and use one.

Bankruptcy is just one of those words that bring disgrace to people. Divorced women are the most likely people to declare bankruptcy. Declaring bankruptcy has certain advantages. Any legal proceedings that have been commenced must stop and creditors cannot commence any new ones. Any earnings after bankruptcy has been declared are then exempt to claims of pre-bankruptcy creditors.

The biggest advantage of bankruptcy is that it is a chance for the customers to start afresh. The customer is not liable for any previous debts or liabilities as long as they were included in the bankruptcy proceedings. And there is no minimum amount of debt that is required to file bankruptcy. If a person declares bankruptcy, it’s a matter of public record and relatively easy for people to access this information. And filing for bankruptcy isn’t a free process. There are various administrative and court costs, as well as legal fees.

By filing bankruptcy, the credit rating of the customer will be adversely affected .It’s often difficult to get a credit card or car loan for several years, if bankruptcy is declared. One can also not file for bankruptcy again for another six years.

Like consolidating debts, declaring bankruptcy will not eliminate all the debts. Declaring bankruptcy or consolidating debts – either of the choices have to be made only based on the individual debt situation one is caught in .It is always better to seek professional advice before making a decision on ones financial condition.

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Debt Consolidation Vs Debt Settlement

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 When in neck deep debts, people’s tendency is to first come out of it by some means or the other. Debt settlement and debt consolidation aims at reducing and eliminating the customer’s debt. But each will have different consequences on the credit score and future financial options. Thus before the customer chooses either debt consolidation or debt settlement, he or she has to educate themselves on the positives and negatives of both.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement works on that part of the customer’s debt that can be immediately eliminated by the creditors. In this method, the customer gets instant financial relief on the monthly budget. Hence the rest of the debts become much more manageable by the customers. The credit score of the customers can also be rebuilt from the point of wiping out the first debt. Through debt settlement , the customer’s primary focus shifts to managing their credits better ;than dealing with late payments , high debts and other financial issues.

On the other hand, debt settlement also has a flip side to it. Debt settlement is more approached as a foreclosure. The effect on a credit rating is often negative in debt settlement, since settlement companies’ advice the individual to suspend payments to creditors while they negotiate on the consumers behalf. This negotiation process can take quite some time, with a creditor reporting that no payments have been made during the entire process. The customer will also have to deal with tax implications since debt settlement is a form of write off. Depending on where the customer lives, additional sate taxes get applied.

 Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation also aims at eliminating the customer’s debt. With consolidation, a company negotiates lower interest rates with the creditors. They also enable one monthly payment by combining all the monthly bills together. The customer does not deal with the creditors directly when he or she has opted for debt consolidation service. The customer pays the consolidating counselor and they in turn pay the creditors. By this means, the creditors don’t contact the customers with any collection calls or mails. They also deal with all the related paperwork, canceling fees, and closing accounts. Usually, a customer can be out of short term debt in five years or less with debt consolidation.

Debt consolidation solution also has its disadvantages .Through this method; there will be less of an impact on the customer’s credit score. Most lenders will temporarily put a hold on extending the customer more credit until they are convinced that regular payments are made. Hence the customer needs to monitor their accounts to be sure that the debt consolidation company makes the payment on the stipulated time frame.

Therefore to conclude, there is no perfect or tailor made solution to get out of debts. Both the above discussed solutions are alternatives to bankruptcy and can help an individual find harmony after dealing with the overpowering clasp that large financial obligations have placed upon their lives. It is important for a consumer to evaluate the current financial situation that they are caught in for them to determine if debt settlement or debt consolidation will help them in achieving the freedom from financial stress that is being sought after.

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Debt Consolidation Payday Loans

Posted in Debt Consolidation | Posted by admin

Payday loan can be an excellent financial means to meet some urgent financial needs. The greatest thing about these types of loan is that it is very easy for anybody to avail their benefits. Payday loans are used as a wonderful tool for debt consolidation.

The eligibility criteria for such loans are not very demanding to meet. Anybody who has access to Internet can apply for these loans right from the comfort and privacy of his or her home. The advance technology that the lenders use makes the approval of these loans simpler and hassle free. The time of loan approval is very fast and sometimes happens in minutes. For payday loans, unlike other loans, payday loans hardly have any paperwork. The customer need not submit any kind of financial or other document in order to get approved for the payday loan.

Keeping in view all the convenient features, some people use a careless approach towards the cash proceeds. They avail loans each month and they end up repaying a higher amount of payday loan debt each month. The financial condition of people gets worse when they try to pay one payday loan with another. It is very dangerous for the people’s fiscal life because of the high rate of interest on these types of. In this scenario, one may have to look out for a specific debt consolidation loan that could bring the ultimate debt relief.

 Sometimes, people avail more than one payday loan but fail to repay the same in time. The debt consolidation company offering debt consolidation payday loan services then negotiates with the lenders and offers a consolidated repayment plan, in which a much lower overall monthly payment at a much lower interest rate. The greatest advantage of using the debt consolidation loan for payday loans is that the customer need not deal with the creditors or any collection agencies. The debt consolidation company does it on the customer’s behalf. The creditors also interact with the debt consolidation payday loan services in case they have a query or concern.

The most important aspect for the customers to understand is that the payday loan is a short-term loan and it must be availed with an objective to help with some small yet urgent financial needs. One has to avail such loans with an intention to repay the same in time right on the next payday. On the other hand if the customer has accumulated the loan amount with the high rate of interest and consequent penalties, one should not delay in going for the no sidetrack payday loan debt consolidation service. The longer the customer waits the larger amounts that they become responsible of paying off.

Thus with the correct approach and payment plans one can resort to debt consolidation payday loan as a means of debt consolidation solution.

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Debt Consolidation Vs Credit Counseling

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“Debt” is a dreaded word in the current scenario that can bring down families, and even lives, but it is not the end of one’s financial downfall. Falling a prey to debt traps is nothing unique, and the way to get out of such situations can be achieved by debt consolidation services .There are many debt consolidation services that can help people  get out of the alarming condition , and regain the numbers back on their account statements. Depending on the level of debt, an individual will be able to decide whether he or she can take care of debt consolidation on their own or seek professional assistance.

Debt consolidation services assist the people to re-age their account in half the time and remain in the good books of the creditors. Debt consolidation counselors work towards combining together the multiple payments into a single, affordable monthly payment with reduced interest rates

Debt consolidation aims at consolidating the customer’s payments, allowing them to make just one payment each month to the debt consolidation services firm that handles their account. This company would then turn around and pay each of the creditors on the customer’s behalf.

When a customer signs up for a debt consolidation service, a counselor is assigned to the customer who will in turn work with the creditors. One of the first things that happens after a person gets associated with debt consolidation solution is, the creditors will be contacted and made aware that the customer has availed such a service. By doing this, the creditors will be contacting only the debt counselors and not the customers directly which gives the customers enough breathing space and stress relief. The next thing is that the debt consolidation services does is to negotiate with the creditors to lower the customer’s interest rates , remove late fees from the accounts and arrive at a monthly payment that will fit the customer’s budget.

There are credit card companies that does not reduce the interest rates too , but most of the time they reduce or even completely eliminate the interest rates .With no interest rates, all the payments that the customer makes to the debt counselors goes directly towards paying off the debt. Overall, a good debt consolidation service firm can dramatically reduce the amount of interest the customers have to pay each month.

Credit Counseling is an important part of any debt help program that should be to ensure that customers receive proper education and information to help them eradicate debt problems in the future. Most debt consolidation services offer credit counseling as part of their debt management program, which is why “debt consolidation services” and “credit counseling” often describe the same program. However, the main difference between debt consolidation service and credit counseling is; the debt consolidation solution deals with the creditors but the credit counseling deals with educating the customers.

 A credit counselor works with the customer to help him or her manage their money, to find solutions to the exiting financial problems and develop a personal plan for the future so that the customer can avoid similar potential debt problems.

Debt consolidation services can pull the customers out of a financial crisis by providing them the inside picture on how to improve one’s credit rating and stop collection agencies from calling. One easy and quick way to attain a good financial status is to take the help of debt consolidation service, which are not loan approving service but their debt repayment representative will negotiate with the creditors for all financial alternatives. To take control of one’s fiscal future, debt consolidation service is the best option.



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Debt Consolidation Benefits

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After the grand introduction of credit cards ,most people hold more than one credit card and many people have opted for loans such as home loan, personal loan, auto loan and so on. With the boon of credit cards and their blissful usage comes the bane of repayment and the interest rates. Each bill has different due dates and hence managing each becomes a tremendous task. This may cause late payment or failing to pay the amount which may impact the customer’s credit rating. The situation becomes even worse if the customer just makes the minimum payment each month, the interest and financial charges are stacked over the debt. When the customer is caught in such a tight situation then the best option to relieve themselves off the debts is to rely completely on debt consolidation solutions:

Major benefits of debt consolidation are as listed:

1. Consolidate all the multiple payment into one monthly payment

With the debt consolidation, the customer can combine these multiple monthly payment into one. After the debt consolidation the customer will have to remember only one due date and make only one payment, debt consolidation has made people’s life easier in debt management and the chance of being late is minimized.

2. Reduction or elimination of the accumulated interest and penalties

When the customer is making only minimum payment each month on their credit card accounts, the interest and financial charges get piled up over the debt. This leads to the total debt amount to grow rapidly. With the benefits of debt consolidation solution the portion of the total debt built up by interest and other financial charges get eliminated; hence, the total debt amount gets reduced consequently.

3. Reduced interest rate

The counselor will be able to negotiate on the customer’s behalf with the creditors to get a much lower interest rate. With the new lower interest rates, the monthly payments are also less than what used to be earlier.

4. Debt free life

A successful debt consolidation solution can make one debt free within 2 to 4 years and helps the individual save money. Debt free life is a dream for many people, with an effective repayment plan in place; one will be able to realize their dream.

5. Putting an end to collection calls

Through debt consolidation solution, the debt repayment of the individual falls in place and thus the collection calls from the creditors are eradicated.

6. Obtain a good credit

Late payments and penalties in the accounts can make the customer’s credit report look bad and the customer credit score goes down consequently. With the debt consolidation solutions and the benefits that it offers, the customer’s accounts start to get paid off .Eventually, a good credit will be built on their credit report which helps in enhancing the credit score of the customers.

Therefore with the benefits of debt consolidation solution, one can overcome the threat of debt and the fear of any financial crisis. Debt consolidation solution typically assists an individual to combine all the bills into one monthly repayment scheme and also eliminates the interest rates. By doing so, the benefits of debt consolidation solution not only help the customer in debt relief, but it also puts the individual in the right financial track.

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Debt Settlement Pros And Cons

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Debt settlement is an effective tool of debt consolidation solution. It is a form of debt consolidation that slashes the customer’s total debt with lower monthly payments. Debt settlement programs typically run around three years and in these years the customers are not paying their creditors. This means that a debt settlement solution of online debt consolidation will negatively impact the customer’s credit rating. However, debt settlement is usually the fastest and the most affordable way to debt freedom, with a low monthly payment, and avoids Bankruptcy. The point to debate here is a negative credit rating versus saving money.

To know about debt settlement’s pros and cons, the first thing a consumer should know is that; this debt consolidation solution method comprises certain effect on an individual’s financial health, some good but some of them are not so unfavorable to be taken.

Looking at the good aspects of debt settlement, one of the most constructive prospects can be a reduction in total amount of debts that the individual owes to various creditors. The creditors will not disturb the consumers with his collection calls or mailers. In addition one might get a chance of eliminating the interest amount on the debt as well as the penalties one had in case of late submissions or lack of payments. Creditors also agree to such debt settlement because its either they get some amount of their money back through these kinds of settlements or they don’t get anything if the consumer has to file in for bankruptcy. Last but not the least; the credibility will be built rather than shaken grounds.

On the other hand there are a few unfavorable possibilities which are also involved with a debt settlement such as if the debt is a secured debt and the customer has pledged some property or any type of security to borrow that money , then the creditor can file a law suit against it to reclaim his amount and if this happens the customer’s credit score will also be affected badly and will show a negative which is not constructive if the consumer wants to have some loan in future and because the customer’s report will  already be showing a bankruptcy.

 To sum it up, debt settlement has both Pros and Cons to it. The positive aspects of approaching debt settlement for debt consolidation solutions are that it lowers the debt repayments dramatically which helps in saving a lot of money and also assist in becoming debt free faster. However the flip side of it would be that the credit rating of the customer will become bad till the debt settlement is completely taken care off.

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How To Consolidate Financial Statements

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Consolidated financial statements are financial statements that are presented by a parent company also known as a holding company to provide financial information about the economic activities of its group also known as subsidiaries. It is a representation of how the holding company is doing as a group. The consolidated accounts should provide a true and fair view of the financial and operating conditions of the group. The consolidated financial statement is another tool in debt consolidation solution that involves consolidation of debts.

 Consolidated financial statements are the statements that are intended to present financial information about a parent company and its subsidiaries as a single economic entity to show the economic resources controlled by the group. Consolidated financial statements are the financial statements of group presented as those of a single enterprise. Consolidated financial statements include consolidated

balance sheet, consolidated statement of profit and loss, and notes, other statements and explanatory material and consolidated cash flow statement. The consolidated financial statements are prepared on the basis of financial statements of parent and all enterprises that are controlled by the parent.

 While preparing a consolidated financial statement, the financial statements of the parent and its subsidiaries should be consolidated on a line by line basis by adding together similar items of assets, liabilities, income and expenses. For the consolidated financial statements to present financial information about the group as that of a single enterprise, the following steps should be taken:

  • The cost that the parent company incurred in investing in each subsidiary and
  • the parent’s portion of equity of each subsidiary, should be eliminated;
  • Goodwill has to be described and has to be recognized as an asset in the consolidated financial statement
  • A provision for capital reserve has to be given
  • minority interests( consists of equity attributed to minorities and minority share ) in the net income of consolidated subsidiaries
  • for the reporting period should be identified and adjusted against the income of the
  • Minority interests in the net assets of consolidated subsidiaries should be identified and presented in the consolidated balance sheet

 In preparing consolidated financial statements, the parent company must eliminate numerous transactions among the parent and its affiliates before presenting the consolidated financial statements to the public. A consolidated financial statement is very important for a company to show off its credit worthiness and thrive in the business scenario.

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How To Consolidate Bills

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Debts are like cobwebs, the moment one gets into it they get completely entangled in the network. It is very difficult to come out of it without planning the finances right. It’s tempting-pay off all the debts in a jiffy. Fortunately, there is a better tool for levelling such heaps of debts. There are non profit consumer credits counselling service agencies that stand ready to help consumers restructure their finances and rebuild better lifestyle for the future. It is always better to opt for debt consolidation with one of these agencies that restructures the customer’s existing unsecured debt so that one can pay them off more quickly. The types of debt that can be consolidated into one payment are:

  • credit card bills
  • retail card bills
  • gas card bills
  • finance company loans
  • medical bills
  • hospital bills
  • past due utility bills from inactive accounts
  • attorney bills

Debt consolidation solution not only aims at combining monthly bills for the customers, but also educates the customer on taking full control over their finances in the process helping them change the way in which they live and come out of debts fully.

Bill consolidation through a debt consolidation solution can be a great tool to help people organize their finances and focus towards reduced spending. Through bill consolidation, the customer avoids all the collection calls from various agencies, overcome high interest rates on credit cards and there they would have to pay just one single bill every month.

When a consumer decides on consolidating the bills he owes then what he needs to do is to pay the credit counselling services agency an agreed-upon monthly amount, and they disperse those funds to your creditors. The debt counsellor will negotiate with creditors, reducing minimum payments or interest fees. The customer will finally get one consolidated bill every month that he or she has to pay every month. This way the customers would also know how soon the bills will be paid in full.

There are agencies with varying areas of expertise, so it is important to find the one that is right for each customer depending on their respective debt situation. If a debt consolidation solution is appropriate for the customer then there should preferably not delay in bill consolidation. Consolidated bill payment will be the road that gets the customer back on the right financial planning and to a debt-free future.

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What Is Debt To Income Ratio – How To Calculate?

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The debt-to-income (DTI) ratio is the percentage of the individual’s income that goes toward paying their debt. Once the person has calculated what he or she spends each month on debt payments and what is received each month in income, then one has to calculate their debt-to-income ratio. To calculate the ratio, divide the monthly debt payments by the monthly income. Then, multiply the result by 100 to come up with a percent. Debt to income ratio is an interesting tool that is used in debt consolidation solutions.

 The first step in calculating a customer’s debt-to-income ratio is determining how much the person spends each month on debt. To start, the customer has to add up what he spends each month on the following:

  • Mortgage or rent
  • Minimum credit card payments
  • Car loan
  • Student loans
  • Alimony/child support payments
  • Other loans

 This is the total amount a person spends each month on debt. After this, one has to add up their total net monthly income. This will include the person’s monthly wages and any overtime, commissions or bonuses that are guaranteed; plus alimony payment received, if applicable. If the person has income that varies according to factors like performance related pay and so on, then one has to calculate the monthly average for the past two years. Include any monies earned from rentals or any other additional income. The next thing to do is to add up the individual’s monthly debt obligations. This includes all the credit card bills, loan and mortgage payments.

 Once the above two totals are done then divide the total monthly debt obligations by the total monthly income. This is the total debt-to-income ratio. Keeping track of the debt-to-income ratio can help the individual avoid debts completely. Impulse buying and routine use of credit cards for small, daily purchases can easily result in unmanageable debt. By staying aware of the debt-to-income ratio, one can stay out of debts. The advantages of calculating debt-to-income ratio are:

  • Make sound decisions about buying on credit and taking out loans.
  • Realise the clear benefits of making more than your minimum credit card payments.
  • Avoid major credit problems.
  • Creditors look at the debt-to-income ratio to determine whether the person is creditworthy.

By letting the credits fall, the individual jeopardize their ability to make major purchases, such as a car or a home and also keeps them away from getting the lowest available credit in case of emergencies. Debt-to-income ratios are powerful indicators of creditworthiness and financial condition. The bottom line is to know calculate the ratio right and try to keep it low!

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