• Lula Lu Bras

    Lula Lu Bras

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    Lula Lu Bras More than 50% of the women have assumed that news pertaining to the people wearing wrong bra-size is fraudulent or have been published by the high-profile inner-wear brands to enhance sales rate and attract women’s to the new product lines. However, this piece of... Read More

  • Lula Lu Petite Lingerie

    Lula Lu Petite Lingerie

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    Lula Lu Petite Lingerie HEALTH ISSUES: It has been confirmed from the medical world that wearing an unusual bra size could drive you to numerous issues including a severe neck pain along with the headache. This is by far the most frightening aspect from one’s perspective... Read More

  • Lula Lu Petite Bra

    Lula Lu Petite Bra

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    Lula Lu Petite Bra – Specialize in small bra sizes LATEST RESEARCH: According to a recent study, more than 70% of women fail to occupy the correct bra size. In the nutshell, it means that out of 10 women only 2 or 3 have been able to attain a suitable inner-wear. It has... Read More

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Lavalife.com dating site review

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Have you ever seen a volcano erupt? Ok, not in real life, then perhaps in movies? Or on Discovery channel? Am sure you have and have noticed as to how flames and sparks go dancing wildly by while hot molten lava pours out of the crater?

Similar is the case with love or dating, that is when you are in the process of finding your real love. The imagery and allegory is all too clear and I leave it to you to comprehend it, may be in a more better way than I intended to or intended you to. I shall proceed with lavalife.com review because I have never been more satisfied with the functioning or response lavalife dating site than by any other dating site on the World Wide Web today.

Lavalife bought upon a lot of innovations in the domain of online dating, especially with its profile category system which requires member to declare the intention of his joining the lavalife online dating service. There are three categories namely, Casual Dating, Relationship and Intimate Relationship. Now, this is an honest way of searching for compatible matches because if nothing else, you at least know what it that you desire from the venture is. Also, the compatible results or the other people seeking your profile are aware of your intentions and if it does not match theirs, then well a lot of time of theirs as well as yours would be saved.

Best part is that lavalife dating site has almost 15 million members which mean that the probability of finding just the right match for you is rather on a higher side. Moreover, there are a lot of things that you can do as far as communication is concerned like send winks or reply to messages and emails and even meet in person, if all goes well. This sounds positive for the lavalife.com review.

One thing to be noted here is that only the premium or the paid members are allowed to initiate a conversation though the free members or the honorary members are allowed to reply to the messages and emails sent to them by the visiting candidates interested in their profile.

The best part about the site is its simple and easy navigability as in every other category has its own space and area, so people do not wander confusedly between one link and another. Lavalife online dating service also allows the members to make most of their time by searching the most compatible match for themselves, within United States of America and Canada and also decide what would be the deciding criteria. The members are allowed to upload 10 photos and videos each on the site and they may rest assured that the pictures are in safe hands and so is the database.

There is a consistency rating feature that has been incorporated into the functioning of lalvalife dating site which tells a person as to in how many days is the person coming online and other things.


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Chemistry dating site review

Posted in Dating | Posted by user

Acid plus Base is equal to salt and water! Indeed it’s all about chemistry that has an upper hand in any relationship, especially the game of love. Chemistry dating is not a new concept, neither is the importance of chemistry in a love relationship lost on anybody’s mind. In fact, if there are not sparks flying into the air at the slightest eye contact, well I would not recommend that match at all.

To put things right and in order, especially in the world of online dating, chemistry dating site was launched in the year 1999 and trust me after that the world of online dating has been so much better. Firstly because chemistry online dating started an altogether new trend, that of not matching preferences but of matching profiles and deciding upon the compatibility of two people. For this innovative concept of profile matching, the administration at chemistry dating site owes a lot to Ms. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist and an expert in the field of human attraction, whose research into various kinds of human traits and profiles helped to build up the site’s match mechanism.

 There are basically four types of profiles into which you or your personality can be categorized, namely, explorer, builder, navigator and director. Now, if you are confused as to which category you belong to or what is your correct profile type, then it is all in vain. I say this because you never get a chance to decide it. The chemistry dating people or the system does it for you. All you have to do is to fill in a questionnaire with relevant answers from your life and liking and accordingly, you profile type would be put in one of the four profile types.

The search mechanism and the think tanks at chemistry dating site are all aware of the level of compatibility between two profile types and it is on this criteria that matches are screened and recommended to people. For example, if you are a director profile type, then according to the chemistry dating online portal, the navigator profile type will be most compatible with your profile or personality. Now don’t think that the profile matching mechanism of chemistry.com is all too open for anybody to see. I can make such claims about director being compatible with navigator is because, well I have spent enough time on this chemistry dating site and find it among the coolest dating sites of the world wide web.

Everything is just amazing and different about this unique dating site, which is available exclusively to the residents of United States of America. Perhaps, the most unique thing could be is that it is open to homosexual dating. While other dating sites are strictly meant for heterosexuals dating, chemistry online dating gives a fair chance to the homosexuals to discover their soul mates.

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Dating after divorce for women

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There are a lot of dating sites that offer women dating after divorce options and also a lot of matches towards that end.  Sites such as eharmony.com, singlesnet.com, mate1.com provide a lot of options for dating after divorce for women which they can make use of and get back in the dating game.

It is not tough to find dating option or compatible matches as far as dating after divorce for women is concerned. All they have to do is join a nice and secured dating site such as ones listed above, register with them, fill in the profile information and start the search. As simple as that!

Some relationship counsellors suggest that women freshly out of divorce processing’s should take some time off the dating and mating scene and recollect all that went wrong in their previous relationship and what is it that they truly desire. According to me this is not really necessary because a failed marriage is not one person’s responsibility. If things have to go wrong, they will and there is no use just trying hard to prevent a marriage or a relationship from crumbling if you are not happy in it. I consider it as equivalent to a business deal having gone wrong, if one goes bankrupt, does that mean he or she will not start a new venture as soon as possible?

 Women dating after divorce go through a lot of challenges, if not really, then psychologically as to men will find them attractive or not or will they be able to sustain through the entire process or will the society accept her etc. Dating after divorce for women is not all that easy and in my opinion it can be made easy only if the society and the family supports them. After all, they do have the right to share their concerns and life with some who is most compatible with them.

While searching for compatible mates, women also have a lot of doubts in their mind and they are doubly cautious in order not to make the same mistakes again. This is human nature and not much can be done about it.  Also women dating after divorce look for love in a lot of places such as clubs, pubs and other socializing places. I suggest dating sites and social media networks are the best options for dating after divorce for women because here they don’t have to meet a person upfront on the first meeting. They can search through a lot of profiles, interact online with a lot of candidates and then decide if they really want to meet up or not. This whole procedure helps them to regain their lost confidence and open up step by step.

An important point here for women dating after divorce is that there is a difference being divorced and being separated. So it is advisable to correctly mention the relationship status in order to avoid any hassles.


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Dating after divorce for men

Posted in Dating | Posted by user

Men dating after divorce are often blamed for being unscrupulous for our conservative society feels that one must remain devoted to their ex-wife, whatever the state of their relationship or marriage. But the times are changing rapidly and lot of people are becoming comfortable with the idea of dating after divorce for men.

Why, these days even women do not mind men dating after divorce because they understand that a single person cannot be blamed for the failure of a relationship or marriage. There are plenty of options for men dating after divorce. But there are a few precautions that the relationship experts advice that men dating after divorce should consider. First is they should not behave as a bachelor because they are not. It will pay off well to act their age. And it is a known secret that some single women do like experienced men, so it may be in their favour to give them a hint of their experience.

Another thing to keep in mind while dating after divorce for men would be to not lose their self confidence or be frustrated. Women do not like losers and they do not think they are a hit me toy on which they can remove their frustration. Keeping these things in mind, we can safely move on to discussing dating after divorce for men options. Men dating after divorce can either start at their regular hang outs such a club or a pub of which they are a patron. If they are too conspicuous of the fact that their confidence would give in on direct meeting, then a safer option would be to consider dating options on social networking sites and online dating sites.

Not all people on social networking sites are there for the purpose of dating and hardly does anybody add a complete stranger to her list of friend. So that leaves us with online dating sites such as singlesnet.com and eharmony.com. mate1.com is also coming up as a popular dating site with a lot of potential for men dating after divorce.

This is a myth that these dating sites focus only on singletons. The fact is that there is no discrimination amongst the members on any grounds and the main focus of the site and the site administrators is to help the members find the most compatible match for themselves.

And it is no written or unwritten rule that men dating after divorce can look only for women dating after divorce. It is solely up to their wish and the criteria they enter while searching compatible mates to look for what kind of female they want to date or get in a relationship with. Nothing should be assumed. As stated earlier, a lot of women are open to dating divorced men.

So it is proved that dating after divorce for men is no more considered a taboo and there are a lot of options available for them a well.

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Dating after divorce

Posted in Dating | Posted by user

A failed relationship or a failed marriage is not the ultimate end of life. There is life even beyond that, meaning that dating after divorce is possible as well as ethical. A lot of people consider is unethical to date after divorce. Why so? Even they don’t know. It’s like since you had once upon a time committed yourself to a person, you should remain committed for the rest of your life, irrespective of whether you are together or not or whether the relationship is still intact or not. This is very absurd and there are hardly people who support this point of view. Everybody has a right to start his life or love life afresh.

 Dating after divorce is no more considered as being very tough or hard to come by because according to an estimate, 44% of the marriages in the United States of America are predicted to end in a failure.  This means that a good number of men and women are going to be rendered single again. Are these singleton men and women doomed to live in isolation forever? Not really because there are a lot of dating sites that offer the people chance to date after divorce.

Sites like eharmony.com, Perfectmatch.com, Singlesnet.com do not make any discrimination between unmarried singles and divorced singles. Though the people are required to mention their current relationship status at the time of registration and they also have the choice of including or excluding the divorced singles from the search database, by default the filtering program will look at the combined database.  The entire community has become very relaxed with the notion of dating after divorce because nobody can say for sure as to this cannot happen with them in future. 

If you are looking for options to date after divorce, then eharmony.com is the best site as this has been built on extensively researched scientific principles that helps people find the most compatible matches for themselves. On the basis of the search criteria provide by you, the search filter will search, compare, contrast and then display the probable matches. It’s like when one has been through the trauma of a failed marriage and been through the divorce proceedings, dating after divorce becomes psychologically difficult. One wants to get into a relationship and kill his isolation, but is extra cautious so as to avoid going through the same situation again.

 Other sites like singlesnet.com, Perfectmatch.com, mate1.com etc treat the concept of dating after divorce rather sensitively because they do not want their clients to experience any hassles while looking for options to date after divorce on their site. And it is no written or unwritten gospel that divorcees looking for dating after divorce will get to date people like themselves. They are single again and have all the possibilities and opportunities opened to them.

So, all those of you who are looking for dating after divorce, then check out the latest dating sites on the World Wide Web.

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Perfect match dating site reviews

Posted in Dating | Posted by user

Perhaps the most popular online dating site on the internet, perfect match dating site reviews are incomplete without mentioning the fact that this was the site that appeared on Dr. Phil Show Live on the eve of Valentine’s and the show registered almost 50,000 hits that day.

The Perfectmatch.com reviews go on and on about how this site is the best online dating site on the internet today and does its task of matching the people’s choices and compatibility rather brilliantly. They are centred around the concept of Duet Compatibility System and aim at higher goals of adult dating and meant for adults serious to get into a relationship. It is no wonder then that a casual, frivolous dater may not hang out here because it is meant for adults who are interested in building serious relationships.

Perfectmatch reviews on various forums and comparison websites will tell you as to how the system of duet compatibility has been based on the findings of various scientific research models and that an individual has an option to search and select the searching criteria. Not all fields are mandatory on this site, that is to say, though even the most casual searches are in depth in nature, the user does have an option to not take a further more advanced search. He or she can also search members through various singular search criteria like Personality types etc.

Perfect match dating site reviews are incomplete without mentioning the basic principle behind companies functionalities which is that there can’t be thousands of perfect matches for an individuals. At max it can run in a couple or quadruple of hundreds and this is what they will present you with. This ensures that you won’t be bombarded with lots of profiles to check out and send mail requests etc in order to further continue the process of finding the perfect match here.

There are a various reasons due to which a person may not get a perfect match for himself while he is still young. But then whoever said that there is an age for dating or building relationships or for that matter falling in love. A lot of adults and seniors who decide in their 50s that they do need a companion are often shy of finding one for them due to various social stigma. But perfectmatch.com gives them a chance to find the most perfect person for themselves. The number of senior singles who have signed up on perfectmatch.com is increasing over the years and this perfect match dating site review is not exaggerating when it says that it is perhaps the favourite dating site amongst the senior singles.

Moreover, it guarantees its members that a certain number of compatible matches will be sent to them every month, failing which the site will extend the duration of their membership or subscription account almost free of cost. This ‘pay for performance’ model of Perfectmatch.com has been paying off in great ways.

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Yahoo personals dating site review

Posted in Dating | Posted by user

Let me start my yahoo personals review with a simple yet interesting question…what is it that Yahoo! has and Google does not? Well, the answer is a fully fledged dating site that will help you search and meet the individual who is most compatible with your tastes, likes and dislikes. So a Yahoo! Id can create wonders for you because it is all you need to enter the magnificent world of yahoo personals dating site.

Yahoo! has been around since the early 90s, since the internet began gaining popularity. So over the 15 plus years of its existence, it has acquired a huge database of users, a majority of which use its dating site yahoo personals. There are currently more than 10 million registered profiles in the database of yahoopersonals com and this means that the prospects of hitting a good and compatible match are rather on the higher side. Moreover, your yahoo! id is sufficient to get you an entry into the yahoo personals dating site.

The yahoo personals has been designed in a very simple and it also doesn’t ask you for a lot of information. Just the bare basics of your existence and likes and dislikes are required and are kind of enough to get you the most compatible and sought after match on the site.

Searching for various individual profiles on yahoo personals dating site is very simple as you just have to key in the filtering criteria and the search spider will look for the most compatible matches for you. There are advanced search options as well on yahoopersonals com which you can hide if you do not want to undertake an advanced search.

The site was recently redesigned and new functionality has been added to it. Just go through various yahoo personals reviews and you will get an idea of the immense popularity of the site. Its security mechanism is also very robust and you can rely on it completely because the same rules and regulations that require a member to fulfil while joining the Yahoo! site are required to be fulfilled in order to use the services of yahoo personals dating site.

The site is not only for American citizens but also Canadians, Europeans and Asians. The site is specially popular amongst the Asians and Canadians. Canadians, because as advanced civilization they are pretty much open to the concept of online dating. Asians like yahoopersonals com because online dating in a new trend in the Asian region and there aren’t many website that provide online dating services in those regions.

Now a good news and a bad news. Bad news is that the yahoo personals dating site is going to be closed down soon, basically July 21, 2010 onwards. The members are really saddened by the prospect of not getting to visit their favourite site anymore. The good news is that the already registered members of the Yahoo Personals will have the option of migrating to Match.com, another very popular dating service on the internet.

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Plenty of fish dating site reviews

Posted in Dating | Posted by user

This Plentyofffish.com review will tell you as to how plentyoffish.com dating site is by far the best and truly free dating site on the World Wide Web today. Plenty of fish dating site reviews on other forums abound in positive comments and remarks from the users of the site. Some of the users have even gone to the extent of saying that this site truly understands the meaning of love and relationship and does not try to commercialise on these higher values in life. And trust me as I write this plenty of fish review, I can seriously feel the endeavour of the numbers of volunteers who have volunteered to work for the site and help the people meet their most compatible matches.

The graphic user interface or the presentation of the site is pretty much simple and has not been done over the top like some paid dating site. Let me remind you again that this is a free site and the operators of the site operate it through their own funds. So they have to put other services in place and even I did not really feel the need of a more attractive or graphically enhanced front end.

All the features typical of an efficient dating site are allowed to be accessed by the users. There is absolutely no discretion or partiality on this site with respect to the money as the membership is entirely free. It takes only five minutes to sign up on this site and once signing up is done, you are free to start searching, taking compatibility tests with selected profiles, testing matches, sending mails and smiley.

The plentyoffish.com dating site has a unique and very popular Whos seen Me button which lets a individual know the number of people who have checked out his or her profiles. The compatibility questionnaire that is to be filled before conducting a search is very comprehensive and includes all such detail that can impact a person’s decision.

Plentyoffish.com dating site reviews unanimously mention its very popular rating feature which allows members to rate others’ profiles. Individual have the option of uploading their picture on the profile and give a very short and sweet description about them. On the basis of the picture and the short content, other users rate the profile, so one can get to know as to how popular a person is on the plentyoffish.com.

Plenty of fish dating site reviews are incomplete without an explicit mention of its cool forum where one can find resourceful articles on dating, various rules, pros and cons of online dating, things to keep in mind, etc. These forums have articles by the members or the volunteers. So, forums also act a medium to catch fish, that is check out profiles of members who have created posts or commented on various posts.

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SinglesNet.com dating site review

Posted in Dating | Posted by user

I am here to give you a firsthand Singles.net review because I feel that a lot of people out there are confused regarding the kind of dating service they want and the best dating site on the internet. This Singlesnet review will not only recount my experience with the site as a first time user, but also give you a peek-a-boo in the world of online dating, the pros and cons of it.

Singlesnet dating site is one of the best dating sites in the world, specifically USA but that doesn’t mean it does not cater its services to the singles and other people in the rest of the world. There are 55% females against 45% females which is a decent ratio. When you compare this with other dating sites, it’s a really decent ratio because there are a few dating sites that have a 70-30 boy is to girl ratio. This positive ratio adds a lot of positivity to singles.net review.

Singlesnet review gives you all that information that you want. Over 7 million users register on the site every year and this gives you an improved chance to meet the person of your dreams. Moreover the website of the singles.net is very user friendly and highly simplistic. If I am writing this singlesnet review, I have to mention that the site is so easy to use and controls so smooth to navigate that a person who is not very familiar with the internet doesn’t have much problems using it.

There is something for everybody at singles.net and they give you a chance to be very clear about your choices and preferences at the time of registration itself. Ready any singlesnet dating site review and it will not fail to mention that the registration process takes hardly five minutes and they get as much information as possible out of you. The drop down system is so comprehensively designed that it includes all the options that may exist in any single, given category.

Another thing worth mentioning singlesnet.com review is their free trial system. Other sites allow you very less facilities and features under the free trial system. But read this singlesnet review and you will come to know that the free trial system at singlesnet.com allows you to access all the features that a premium member can, though they mention it clearly beforehand that the features can be used for a limited period of time or a limited number of times. So this system gives you a chance to thoroughly test all the features and facilities.

I sincerely hope this singlesnet dating site review was of desired help to the singles out there. The site is really cool and promises you to get you the most compatible match. Moreover, the security features of the site are very robust and your personal details and information are kept confidential. 


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eHarmony.com dating site review

Posted in Dating | Posted by admin
eHarmony.com dating site review

How often do you come across a dating site review that mentions that the site in question actually has a patent? Well, this is precisely going to be the case with eharmony reviews you would come across. Like all the other eharmony.com reviews, this eharmony review will tell you that Dr. Neil Clark Warren. He developed unique research software to help people meet. The software is based on Christian principles of relationship and they seem to be working really well. The compatibility of the two people is gauzed on the basis of a thoroughly filled form in which the every individual describes his likes and dislikes and preferences.

Eharmony.com reviews make it clear that this isn’t just another dating site that matches the views and preferences and returns positive or negative result on the basis of them. This website very comprehensively matches the ‘compatibility’ amongst two people in order to see whether they can be harmonious in a relationship or not, if they decide to be in one in the first place.

There are currently 20 million people who are registered on eharmony and almost 10,000 to 15,000 people sign up on this site almost every day. It has also been estimated that on an average 250 out of millions who met through this site, get married every day. Woah!

This means that if you are looking for some serious relationship options, may be you should stop reading the eharmony reviews (because they are all going to say that this is by far the best dating site on the internet) and register on the site this moment and begin your search.

Eharmony reviews make it pretty much clear that there is a dedicated eharmony portal for every country so that the members from that country log on to the dedicated portal and begin their search for the male or female most compatible with their disposition. After all, it’s not about having things and characteristics in common, but it’s about how you feel about that particular thing.

The best of all the features of eharmony are available to the premium customers because there is a price to be paid for every best thing in life and anyway, if you pay for it, then you will cherish it all the more. Eharmony means serious business, not in monetary terms or in terms of making windfall profit at your expense, but in terms of getting the most compatible match for you in the shortest span of time.

The male is to female ratio here is pretty much decent with equal number of females for a given number of males. Eharmony.com reviews are there everywhere on the net and if you still feel dubious about the efficiency of this site, then do check the other eharmony dating reviews and you will be wondering as to how and why everybody has only positive things to say about it. Well, when the site is so cool and efficient, there is no reason why anybody would write negatively about it.

Find A Match For Life! eHarmony—helping new relationships grow

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