Bid Rivals Penny Auctions

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The new rage in online auction sites is the so called Penny Auction like BidRivals. BidRivals which allows users to place bids on items and win auctions for products at unbelievable prices significantly lower than retail. You see the idea with a penny auction like BidRivals is to pay for a certain number of bids before actually bidding.  You select the product you want and decide how many bids you want to purchase to bid on that item.  The price starts at zero and every time someone places a bid the price of the product goes up by one penny.   That’s why they call it a penny auction.

There is also a timer going. Each time someone bids the timer backs up for about ten seconds.  The winner is the one who gets the final bid placed just as the clock turns to ‘0’.

The price at the end of the auction is the price you then pay to buy the merchandise.It’s a great idea to just place your bids for it on the website since you’ll get a great deal if you win and if you don’t win, you get the product at the same price which you would have paid in stores!

BidRivals only sell brand spanking new items which are sent directly from the reputable manufacturers or their distribution centers.  If there’s anything wrong and you need to return it just contact BidRivals’ friendly customer support staff.  They will help you figure out what they can do.  They will give you a refund of your purchase price (minus the value of your bids of course) as long at the item is still unopened in the original box.  Pretty safe way to shop! Bidrivals, the penny auction site where you can get name brand products for unheard-of prices.

It’s simple and it’s fun. All you have to do is:

  • Sign up
  • Buy a package of bids (Promo-code= “great10” – It will give the users 10 free bids on the first bidpack bought, it can be used only once.)
  • Find the merchandise you want. You can find iTunes gift cards, laptops, game consoles, digital cameras, LCD televisions and more.
  • Start bidding.  You can bid manually or you can set up the easy-to-use BidAgent to place your bids for you automatically
  • Win!

Bid Rivals has a unique system that makes everyone a winner – it’s called Buy Now. Buy Now means that you never need to go away empty handed after bidding at Bid Rivals. If you bid and you are not the winning bidder, you always have the option of using Buy Now to purchase the item you bid on. The price you pay is the difference between the retail price and the value of the bids you have already placed on the item.

Click here to signup with BidRivals and start bidding now!

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