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A lot of businesses are now going online in order to get increased exposure and benefit from it. Though this can be done with something as simple as a blogspot, the most effective way to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the World Wide Web is to get a website designed customarily for the business organisation and then looking for ways to promote it using SEO and other services.

After the website designing is done, one has to look for domain hosting services. There are a lot of companies that provide web hosting services. is amongst the best domain hosting service providers in the world today.

While reading reviews, one thing that you will notice is that it is a very big organisation. Generally web hosting services are offered by medium scale organisation and only a few large scale enterprises get into the business of providing hosting services.

The company offers a plethora of services and add-ons along with the basic web hosting for your website. Most of these add-on services are free and others are provided at normal rate of 2 USD or 5 USD per month. review in incomplete without mentioning the lucrative package deals provided to the small and medium scale enterprises which look for ways to economise on various operational costs to increase their profit margin.

While reading hostrocket web hosting reviews, you may be wondering about the very affordable cost of web hosting, right? Well, it is their biggest and best kept trade secret as to how they are able to provide so many services at just $4.25 per month? You just have to pay a sign up fee of approx $30 and enjoy robust and secure web hosting services.

Are you reading reviews to get an idea of the services and features provided by the company? Well, here all the services are enumerated in brief. One gets the capacity to host 10 website (one per month) on opening an account with hostrocket. 110 GB of RAID protected storage space (yes, 110 GB!), unlimited bandwidth, advanced email features, advanced CPanel features, etc.

The software and script support of hostrocket is very comprehensive and includes capabilities and functionalities for HTML, Javascript, ASP.Net, FrontPage and all types of back-end databases. All your websites’ functionalities like discussion forums, blogs, FAQs, email client; image galleries etc are supported under the hosting services provided by HostRocket.

Hostrocket web hosting reviews tempt the business owners, especially the ones who like to try different ventures, to try the web hosting services provided by the company. The 10 website domain offer is something that a lot of businesses find tough very to resist.

Now the part that is mostly reported at last in reviews is that despite being headquartered in Clifton Park in New York, it does not provide telephone support to its clients. But the 24/7 live chat customer service support, emails and trouble tickets support system are very effective.

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