Dating tips for women

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Some women think that they pros at dating while some are of the view that dating is not their cup of tea. The former often are tempted into formulating dating tips for women and are the latter are the one reading them and abiding by them as the Holy word. But then there is nothing like being a pro or veteran at dating because, one cannot really understand all kinds of men in the cosmos. Though all men are fundamentally, rather genetically thought upon as to ultimately desire physical intimacy, there are a good number of them who are all in for a hearty and witty conversation. But in essence, how often have you considered a light talk or banter as advancing your dating prospects? If you haven’t, then think about it.

Though most dating tips for woman directories will not say it, but the truth is that men are not altogether immune to wittiness and intelligence in a woman and there is nothing more preferable to them to be able to talk about their work, hobbies, events in general etc. Use your charms to optimum levels, without appearing as intruding the personal space. Talk about him, tell about yourself, but not to great extents, unless obviously he seems genuinely interested. Refrain from expressing disappointment over your last relationship that did not work and also do not resort to playing the agony aunt immediately, with the hopes that it will impress him. Chances are that if he does mange to like to because of it, you will have to play the therapist more often than you wish to. Change the subject tactfully yet subtly.

Put on your best redolence, subtle and sweet. Not only women but men are also turned on by sweet fragrances. The regular dating tips for women sometimes fail to mention this aspect, but a soft, sweet and subtle fragrance that leaves a lingering affect even on a most casual physical brush can win you the guy’s undivided attention. Another thing, be punctual. Arrive on time at the decided venue or it the guy is to pick you up, make sure you are ready at least 10 minutes before he is schedules to arrive. Though the men take it in their stride when a woman is late, as a matter of fact, they don’t really like it much. So make the very first impression, be on time.

One of the important dating tips for woman while going on a date is regarding the choice of clothes. Wear something chick and don’t go over the top with makeup and accessories. Anything that suits you the best will do. You need not be the acme of fashion, but make sure you don’t look like an object of antiquity. It does not harm to be updated with what are the latest cuts and designs and what colours are in. If anything, it will only win you approval from your dating partner.

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