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Who doesn’t like to rake in millions? That too millions made through shortcut, how much ever they may be a burden on the conscience, all the more it is fun to spend them. This I say because it is kind of difficult to part with your money if you have earned it through difficult means.

Nevertheless, I have some brilliant ideas to make millions and one of them is through finding your perfect match through millionaire matchmaker dating site. Hmm, I am referring to which is the oldest dating site on the block, as old as 25 years! So it is only natural that the best, the crème de la crème will be a member on this site. And by registering on this site, you have the golden opportunity to meet the person who is the most compatible with you, the real you. The process of matchmaking is not referred to as profile matching. Don’t you think it profile matching sounds a little dead and unanimated? And please for even one instant think that the matchmaking process of matchmaker dating site will lead you into matrimony. The choice is of course there if you think you have met the person of your dreams, but at the heart of it, it is a dating site, not a matrimonial site and people do come here to have fun as well as flings.

The millionaire matchmaker dating site has veterans registered in its database. By veterans I mean the people belonging in the age group of 30s, which means that people are in here for serious relationship and many of them are well settled with six digit income figures. The sex ratio is in favour of females, which gives the males a lucrative incentive to register and search on the matchmaker dating site.

The registration process is fairly easy, all you have to do is to enter your geographic location, email, name, DOB, unique qualities and perhaps a picture, if you wish to. The service is available to people living in United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and Australia. And the people here are almost addicted to this site.

The process of searching on is fairly simple and in fact there are various ways of searching. As in, you can search geographically or in age wise etc. The profile system or the profile information is not very diverse which makes registration quicker and leaves you with a lot to talk about when you finally decide to communicate with each other.

There are 6000 members online at any given moment and there is a search mechanism which filters your result so as to show people who are online so that there is a fair chance of instant gratification of your interests and expressions. Also the premium members, those who have applied for paid membership on millionaire matchmaker dating site are given higher preference in the search result in comparison to the unpaid ones, but then that doesn’t means the latter are discriminated against.


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