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While I was kind of intent on writing this own special review of mine about, one thing that bemuses me now is that perhaps, since there are two ways in which the site owners themselves spell their site’s name, as sugar daddy and sugardaddie, what a fix the Search Engine Optimization experts or the web marketers would be in while trying to sell the site. Will they name their write ups as suggardaddie dating review or sugar daddy dating review?

Well, I leave them up to them because I don’t know much about internet marketing or the so called SEO techniques. By the way, it’s only thanks to that I even know about internet marketing because one of the millionaire beaus am dating from this classy website claims to have made his billions through internet marketing. Whoa!

I heard about this nice classy website for affluent people or people seeking affluence through a shortcut through dating review sites which held in quite high esteem and feature nice sugardaddie dating review. Inspired and encouraged by a particular sugar daddy dating review, I decided to check out the site and you won’t believe a simple search returned almost 100 results. Men, with millions to offer! But then, business tactic as you may call it, the system wouldn’t allow me to venture forth before creating a profile so I got down to creating a basic starter profile for myself.

To my astonishment, I found that there are a lot of restrictions for you to register on this site if you are a male because the first condition is that your income should be equal to or greater than hundred thousand dollars! (now I get the thing about it being named Sugar Daddy! As these multimillionaires are very sweet to talk to and are mostly in the age group of 30-50, for the simple reason that if a guy less than 30 raked in millions, he probably wouldn’t need a dating site to find his perfect match.)

There is no such restriction for females and this accounts for the highly skewed sex ration, though in the favour of females., the site is very classy and elegantly designed and is very easy to use. I was actually able to appreciate the design and elegance, but only with effort because all this while I was too fascinated by the 6 digit or 7 digit income figures!

In this sugardaddie dating review, one thing that I would like to mention is that the admin here doesn’t renew your membership automatically as many of sites do. But obviously, you don’t come to know this at the time of registration because these finely important things get lost in well, fine prints!

Also the fact that this is the place where you can find your rich, handsome king charming, though not right out of some M & B publication book, but nevertheless, still sweet and highly pampering. Not to forget that there is no dearth of sugar mommies and babes here! So enjoy your way to a highly affluent and pampered life!


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One response to “ dating site review”

  1. Pam says:

    Well my husband joined as one of the “sugardaddies” and he calls himself “koolpapi2011”. Do you really think they can verify how much the men earn and if they are honest and single? My husband has a lot of problems one of which is constant lying. He has an addiction to girls 30 years younger than himself.

    Anyone is crazy to look for dates online.